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Talk: How can the latest thinking in wellbeing improve the world of work, and what are the lessons for the events industry?

Conference Stage October 23, 2017 3:15 pm - 3:30 pm

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Colin Bullen
Jenni Smallshaw

Modern living dictates that we live our lives at breakneck speed. Technology creates access that means that it’s hard to escape, switch off and achieve quality downtime. Employers still believe that they can get more from their employees by making them work harder for longer. Or at least they act like they do. The pressure on employees at all levels is immense and increasing. How can they perform well with so much pressure?

This talk explores what the latest thinking and research actually says about human health and performance in this scenario. The talk will explore the science of behaviour and its role in our health and performance. Wellbeing has become hugely popular on the back of this stress mountain, but not all interventions are helpful. The talk will guide you through what really matters and how to create a workplace that effectively promotes health, happiness and performance with a particular focus on meeting and event spaces. The truth might surprise you.